One of the great things living in Singapore is the opportunity to travel around Asia. I have been quite busy at work and decided few days ago to take some time off, just for a few days.

To be honest I never fancy the place where I’m going, a buddy of mine decided the destination. The very few people who know where I’m going are more excited than I…apparently it is amazing!

I know you start to get pissed not knowing where I’m going.


Few tips, where I’m heading is smaller than Singapore, but somehow it seems to be the country largest island. The place is well-known around the world for its nightlife, and it is also a nice spot to see spectacles of one of the most dangerous contact sport.

It is also a twin city with one of the most famous city in the United States.

Finally, below is an old flag of the country the city belongs to; keep in mind the flag is an old one, the country has a new one for almost a hundred years now.


Who ever guess will received the honour of getting a post card from Art! 🙂

Cheers folks!