Destination Vietnam | What to do in Cat Ba town?

Cat Ba is well-known for being a stop over when visiting Halong Bay; however, the island has way much to offer. I looked forward to visiting its main city, Cat Ba town, before heading back to Hanoi.

Cat Ba town is a touristic town with three beaches, Cat co 1, Cat co 2, and Cat co 3. Cat Co 1 is where any tourists can go to chill on the beach or swim in the South China Sea. The sand beach is nice but nothing especial. It’s probably the most popular beach.

Located North East to the former, Cat co 2 is a beach but also has small bungalows to rent. It is an excellent alternative if you want something different from a hotel and a few meters from the sea. Price might slightly be higher but still reasonable; you still can negotiate though. Of course, you can also go there just to enjoy the sea.

Cat Co 3 is the beach of the Cat Ba Sunrise Resort – not the most exciting one. I suggest Cat Co 1 or Cat Co 2 for fun. The good thing about the beaches is they are all link, there is road connecting the beach with of course a fantastic view of the bay. checking the beaches, I went to Cannon fort, a fort built to fight enemies during wars. It’s on a peak at 177 meters high offering visitors a chance to see old bunkers, tunnels, and helicopter landing stations. The fort also offers stunning views of Cat Ba Island, its coast, and the limestone karsts in Lan Ha Bay offshore. To get there you can rent a scooter, a taxi, or if you are a warrior and not afraid to suffer the heat and perspiration, you can walk. Regardless, the reward is great, you will be able to see the cannons, underground tunnels, gun emplacements, helicopters,  and sublime views. A small museum, part of the tour, showcases the Russian/communism propaganda, as well as the military equipment, and conditions of the army back then.

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It’s fantastic; it is a must see if you are staying in Cat Ba town for more than a day. Look at this again!

After visiting Cannon fort, I went back to the hotel for shower and food. I took the bus back to Hanoi where the next day I was flying back to Singapore.

Destination Phuket

Last week I went to Phuket, Thailand for the first time. It is a very popular holiday destination across the world but particularly from Expats based in Singapore. After all,  it is just a little more than an hour, and it is not costly, my ticket was $160.

I have always thought Phuket is a city, but it is in fact an island with the main city being Phuket town. Each main city on the coast has its beach; I stayed at Patong, the popular touristic destination in Phuket.

If you are looking for the quiet, raw, lonely beaches, DO NOT go to Patong it is exactly the opposite. The beach is Continue reading