Guarantee Good

Today for lunch I wanted to try that place simply because of the name…


There were no menu or anything; you’ll have to go with whatever they have at the counter…

I went for rice with fried chicken (better than KFC) accompanied with soya, fried potatoes, and Popeye’s favorite, spinach. There was a sauce but unfortunately you can’t really see it from the picture. (Next time, promise, I’ll do a better job)


Nothing biggie about the plate; but, it was really good, filled my stomach for the afternoon, and cost me only S$5.50.

Are you a foodie?

‘Huh? What? A foodie?’  Yeah well I didn’t really know what a foodie was until I got here…

So what is it anyway? For those of you like me ignorant a foodie is a person who simply Loves, Enjoys and Cares a lot about food.

Singapore is a FOODIE town! I mean there is an abundance of food and the good thing is it’s quite diverse and CHEAP! (It depends what you have of course).

Market & food centre

You’ll find any type of food including “western food” but let’s talk about the one you’re really interested in. Here, you’ll get Chinese, Thai food, not to forget Indian, and even some good Japanese meal, among others things. Yum!

Hawker Center

However, the first meal I had here was actually a Mc Donald haha! Yeah I was starving to death man, and I know you all agree it doesn’t get better than a Big Mac meal when the stomach is empty.

no more mc donald

Ok more seriously my first Asian meal took place at a hawker center in Boon Keng at that particular shop…


…and the meal looked like this…


…or more like this actually haha…

roasted duck

It was made of roasted duck rice with some vegetables. On the bottom left you can see a sauce which was both spicy and sweet, on the top left although the temperature was like 30°C+ they would still serve a soup (and a very hot one).

The plate was very good (and no, not only because I was hungry). No, the rice was sticky like I like, the duck was tender, and both of these mixed with the sauce were succulent; It will literally melt in my mouth and GoO DoOOWNN to the stomach! I finished with the soup, which by the time was warm. It was delicious, unfortunately I don’t know what it was made of but you could feel different aroma and spices. Yum Yum!

This was my first experience eating at a hawker center, I look forward to trying new stuff here and sharing it with you. In fact, besides posting boring cultural articles, I’ll also be posting a lot about food. At the same time, you can also have a look at more pics from the Singap’ by Art instagram page, and the Facebook page as well for more interaction!!

So dear foodies friends stay tuned, and please if you have recommendations…shOut oUT!!!