Vacations AGAIN! (Sorry, I don’t mean to brag). This time it’s not a “Vamos a la Playa” vacation though, it’s a semi-backpack trip to one of the most fascinating countries in Asia if you love Architecture, History, and Arts in general.

I will be on the road for ten days, so hopefully will capture great moments, pictures, and videos to share with all of you.

Where am I going?

1. Natives of the country are known to be very friendly (most of them are Buddhists)

2. The country has two seasons: one is hot, the other is rainy and hot. Rainy season generally starts in May and lasts till November. The “cool” season is usually between November and February when temperatures drop to the low 20s.

3. The Mekong (12th-longest river in the world) goes through that country.

4. Although the country has its own currency, US dollars is King.

5. The colors of the national flag are blue, red, and white.

You know the rule, the winner will get a post card. Easy right! 🙂