Northern Indian Cuisine @ Jaggi’s

jaggi-indian-restaurant-singapbyart.com_.jpgIndian food is found everywhere in Singapore. The city even has a neighborhood call Little India where you will not only find Indian authentic food, but you might think for few seconds you are actually in India. The people around are all Indians, Bangladesh, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans; the stores, languages you hear, and obviously restaurants are mostly Indians. No wonder if I say my favorite Indian restaurant is
in Little India and is called Jaggi’s Northern Indian Restaurant. However, they have two shops in Singapore, and I often go to the one in downtown Singapore on Shenton Way.

Jaggi’s cuisine is the best Indian food I ever have outside of India. Surely there are a lot of great Indian places elsewhere, and I have not tasted all of them, but from my mere experience of a foodie and a trier Jaggi’s cuisine is fantastic, and if you are wondering, they have food for everyone including vegetarian or vegan.

Jaggi’s experience starts with the restaurant environment; within Shenton house food court it is located at the end of the alley right next to a Chicken Rice shop. The place is cozy, the kitchen is just behind the counter, and although there is a wall, the smell from the kitchen easily spread out in the eating room.

The way Jaggi’s works is similar to a cafeteria, where you go up and select from many items on display. My favorite combination is the mutton masala with rice, and cheese naan.


It is simple, easy to eat, and has great taste. The portion of rice in the image is half, ordering full give you a nice plate large enough for one person if hungry. The mutton masala is delicious; some might find it spicy, for some it has just the right dose. I loved it.

Oh, one last thing, a regular set of dish at Jaggi’s should not cost more than 10 SGD. That is pretty sweet considering the quality of the food.

Happy Chinese New Year

lunar-year-singapbyart.jpgI grew up in the West where Christmas is one of the most anticipated events; especially when it comes to the family reunion, gifts, and food.

Here in the Far East, or to be more precise in countries where there is a major ethnic Chinese population the equivalent of Christmas is the Chinese New Year. You most certainly have heard about it wherever you are reading this from.

You may have wonder as well does that mean Chinese do not follow the Gregorian calendar’ it’s ok to admit. Well the answer is Continue reading

United Kingdom of Singapore!

Hello guys and gals, I haven’t written anything for a while now (and I know you have missed miss so much). Well, work and else have kept me pretty busy over the past few weeks.

I know most of you are in the cold winter or preparing to get into it. You’ll be happy to know that in Singapore there is no such thing as winter; indeed, average temperature last week was 30°C… Sorry 🙂

Anyway today I thought I’d write about similarities I’ve seen between Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Having had a chance to live in London, I can say I somewhat feel the British way of life/doing things here in Singapore. I’m neither talking about the shitty weather (hehe, while writing current temp. is 28°C) nor the famous fish and chips (here there is way more food variety – check it out  ==> Food section of my blog). No, here, I’ll be talking about easy and recognizable legacy of Britain’s influence.

It start with the used of the English, haha, ok I know easy one…(but FYI English is the official language along with Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil)

More seriously the first obvious thing is left hand traffic; if you’re not used to it make sure to always check the road when crossing and remember to always look RIGHT, LEFT & RIGHT!

Another easy reference to the UK is the public transportation buses; you know the famous double-decker bus, you’ll find a bunch of them here. I must say they are not as stylish as the one in London. See for yourself below.

I think we all agree, London red double-decker buses are way sexier!

Also if you’re in Singapore, you could be a lucky one and get pick up by the famous hackney cab, you know the taxi limousine type.

In addition to the above, there are many others things that will remind you of the UK, like the strong fan base of the Premiership (England’s highest-level football league) especially Liverpool (Boooo!) but mostly as one would expect Manchester United (Yeaahhhh!).

PS: Next week I’m off travelling somewhere in Asia; stay tuned by Liking Singapbyart facebook page as I will be posting pictures in the blog but mostly on the page.

The Fine City

Singapore is a city that value efficiency and quick access to general information (well, in most cases). One easy example is for instance to know in advance the fine you’ll receive if you break the law.

Yes correct you’ll see these anywhere near subway stations. (It’s only in the subway…obviously)

At least you don’t have to check on Google or anything, you know right away that bringing gas or fuel in a subway will give you a fine of S$5,000. lol

FYI jaywalking is S$500, stealing wi-fi (or more like trying to get a free network on the street) is considered “hacking” and you could expect a S$5000 fine. There are some other good ones, but you get the idea I think.

I mean, truth to be said, it’s still a fine place to live. I have jaywalked, chew a gumstolen wi-fi, and as you witness I am still very much alive and not broke yet. 🙂