Travel Tip – Hong Kong

I thought I will write a bit about the organization of my trip, that may help one of you if you’re planning to go to Hong Kong. I split it more or less 3 sections Travel/hotel/Must do and don’t.


Turbo Jet counter, Macau

Turbo Jet counter, Macau

Macau – Hong Kong: On my way back to HK I took the Turbo Jet ferry from Macau to Kowloon (where my hotel was). The trip was about one hour; I have a seat next to a window, but unfortunately could not see much thanks to the foggy weather. You can check on the company website Hong Kong it took about 40 to 60 minutes to pass the immigration. Note: I was disappointed by HK authority’s decision a few months back to not give stamp or passport anymore but rather a paper slip.

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Wedding in Hong Kong

One of the reasons I went to Hong Kong is to attend a wedding. The groom and the bride were two bankers, the reception took place at one of the Shangri La hotel, so my expectation of the event was pretty high.

The event started by each guests writing a short note to congratulate the couple, but the first cultural difference I notice was the gift tradition; indeed, in a Chinese wedding you’re supposed to give a red envelope containing monetary gift to the newly married couple. (I was aware of that, so I have my red envelope 🙂 ) A Chinese buddy of mine told me the red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

As expected the wedding venue was magnificent, it consists of a small stage and several round tables across the room. The main table was easily recognizable since it was in front of the stage, but mostly because it was the only one with chairs covered in red cotton. Similar to above red is traditionally also a symbolic color of happiness in China.

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Destination Hong Kong

Hong Kong National FlagAfter visiting Macau (cf. Destination Macau) I finally arrived to the only place in Asia that has always attracted me, yes that is true I have always hoped of seeing one day Hong Kong skyline. I mean even the name of the city itself is cool hOng kOng! haha

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China but was British for about 150 years; Like Macau (but to a lesser extent) it has that beauty of being a mix of European and Asian culture.

In Hong Kong, there are many things one could do and see. But if you plan to stay only for a few days like I did, I recommend for sightseeing the BIGBUS HONG KONG tour. They offer different tours and it is a must do since it really allows you to see all the different faces of Hong Kong. Indeed you’ll see the expected like high-rise apartments, skyscrapers, but you’ll also get a chance to see the mountains, country parks, and even beaches from the South China Sea.

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