Destination Cambodia | Siem Reap Last Day

I hope you have enjoyed my first article about Siem Reap and the Angkor temples (Siem Reap previous article). Before visiting the Grand Circuit I went for a walk to see a bit more of Siem Reap, and especially the Old Market where you can buy all sorts of things, from food, fruits, electronics, handicrafts, you name it.

My tuk-tuk driver picked me up for the grand tour. The Grand Circuit is an extension on the little circuit but takes in account others temples such as Preah Khan, Neak Pean to the Eastern Mebon and the various monuments like Ta Som, Preah Rup, before returning to Angkor Wat.

I highly recommended for anyone spending two or more days, the circuit shows the rich variety of architecture of the Angkor region. Below are few pictures of the Grand Circuit temples

Preah Khan 

Neak Pean

Ta Som


Preah Rup

After visiting the grand circuit, I went back to Siem Reap, checked in again at “Pub Street,” and few hours later went to sleep. Next morning a long trip awaited me: Bus from Siem reap to Bangkok!! If you want my personal thoughts on Cambodia and Cambodians Click Here!