Travel Tip – Hong Kong

I thought I will write a bit about the organization of my trip, that may help one of you if you’re planning to go to Hong Kong. I split it more or less 3 sections Travel/hotel/Must do and don’t.


Turbo Jet counter, Macau

Turbo Jet counter, Macau

Macau – Hong Kong: On my way back to HK I took the Turbo Jet ferry from Macau to Kowloon (where my hotel was). The trip was about one hour; I have a seat next to a window, but unfortunately could not see much thanks to the foggy weather. You can check on the company website Hong Kong it took about 40 to 60 minutes to pass the immigration. Note: I was disappointed by HK authority’s decision a few months back to not give stamp or passport anymore but rather a paper slip.


I was lucky enough to travel with a friend with considerably larger means than I, and he kindly offers me to stay with him at his hotel The Royal Garden. It’s not a cheap accommodation but or a mere Google search will give you plenty of cheap options in Hong Kong.

Interior of Royal Garden, Hong Kong

Interior of Royal Garden, Hong Kong

Hong Kong view for free:

Go to the 55th Floor of Two International Finance Centre at the headquarter of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority; there you’ll be able to learn a bit about the Hong Kong monetary system, but mostly enjoy the great view of the Hong Kong skyline. (Unfortunately as you can see below the weather was really bad – it’s still worth a shot though)

Below my takes on the DO/DONT and LIKE/DISLIKE

– Take the Big Bus Tour to see the All Hong Kong- With not Tax, and plenty of brands Shopping is a Must do

– Food, try to go to a Dim Sum restaurant

– Peak Tram ( but only if you have a nice weather)

– Loved Chinese atmosphere with temples, antiques shops, lights everywhere etc.

– I liked it, but most people don’t: Hong Kong is crowded

Enjoy your trip and don’t hesitate to shout if any question… For my detailed story check my article Destination Hong Kong and for pictures Hong Kong album pt.1 and pt.2 on the Singap by Art Facebook page!