Destination Vietnam | Ninh Binh day 2

After the noodles broth for breakfast we went trekking for about an hour. We walked in a small road surrounded by limestone and a river with lotus flowers.

We were heading to a place located two km away of Tam Coc. There, we did a paddleboat tour similar to the previous day. The tour included going through grottos and of course enjoying the beautiful scenery made mostly of limestone karsts. Below are the pictures.

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After the boat tour, we went for lunch at another homestay. The food wasn’t amazing, but I was hungry.

Shortly after, we were on the bicycle towards Ma Yen to climb the 500 steps, and have from this mountain a panoramic view of Tam Coc and the surrounding valley. Be alert, to get there the bicycle ride is painful, roads are bumpy with a lot of rocks. Also after the bike ride, the pain is not over, you have to climb 500 steps to get to the peak.

The reward is great though…

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Close to Ma Yen, there was a pagoda open for visitors. I checked-in.

After the pagoda, I took the bicycle back to the lodge and from there the bus back to Hanoi. Later that night, I didn’t’ do anything especial in the capital except for eating another Pho Bo and going to a Vietnamese local live-band bar.

The next few days in Vietnam will be without guide or travel agency; it will be all by my own. I’ll be heading to the coast in the Northeast of Vietnam, nearby the UNESCO world heritage site of Halong Bay. Stay Tune!