First Impressions – Part II

Hello again, I hope you enjoyed Part I of my first impressions — Following this topic, a third point I heard a lot and interesting enough to mention is how Singaporeans are actually proud of the cleanness, greenness of their city-state.

Raffles Terrace

I mean sure, it’s quite clean (as there are a bunch of cleaners, maids, etc.) but then gums sale is forbidden in the country, littering will give you a considerable fine, and there are others interesting laws as well (but not as interesting or funny as the one in the US I must admit). So yes, I think the city is clean but it comes with a price.

This is a funny picture I found online illustrating the ban.

This is a funny picture I found online illustrating the ban.

As far as greenness is concerned, Singapore is heavily urbanized, but there are still a lot of green area mostly with parks, natural reserves, and golf courses! Singaporeans enjoy it and despite the heat, you will often see people walking around with their kids in parks, or simply walk along different rivers. It’s actually nice and Singaporeans really like it, it’s a bit different to their rival brother Hong Kong, which it’s often criticized for its extensive urbanization, non green area, and constant pollution.

Lastly, they are proud of the overall safety of Singapore. I mean, I agree although people sometimes stare at me, I still feel very much safe here. But then, I think about all these laws, especially how using drugs will lead you to death penalty here! It makes you think twice before using herb. I also heard stories about the Police force here, apparently they don’t joke man (even more so if you’re a foreigner). At least that’s what I heard…

Don't even think about it here.

Don’t even think about it here!

On the other side, locals and expatriates (mostly with children) value that security. For them, it means kids can go home from school without worrying, it also means you can take out your latest smartphone on a bus or subway without any issue, or just walk back home safe from a nightclub at 3am.

MRT (Singapore underground name)

MRT (Singapore underground name)

So yeah, to sump up Singaporeans like their country, they like the way it’s perceived in Asia and in the world. They like (or not so much anymore) the fact that foreigners want to come here to work, and use the city as a hub to travel around Asia.

I think it’s good to like your country as opposed to not to. I grew up in a place where putting the country flag on a window was not really common, and can easily be perceived as nationalist, hence Not coOl!! Not the case here, and if you are planning on coming here, you, just as me, will just have to get used to that “extra” love of the country.

For those of you still skeptical about that huge pride they have, below are some pics and a video of landmarks the country built to improve the condition of living of the Singaporeans (with some foreign help of course)!!


Singapore skyline but with iPhone quality…

Next time let’s talk fOOd!